Our concept is a combination of different subjects, people, experiences and projects.


The name refers is to a Belgian "Vlaamse Reus" which is the largest rabbit in the world, translated as the "Flemish Giant”. They are known for their size, soft character and intelligence.



The attitude behind our brand is that anything is possible. When there is a will, there is a way!



Stan Claeys, Founder and creator of FlamingRabbit: “For the last 15 years I have engaged in many projects, personal, corporate and international. All of these presented their challenges and a lot of them seemed almost impossible to accomplish. But there was always a way, be it with some luck, pure logic or just good-old thinking outside the box.”



Stan Claeys – The mastermind behind the scene: Brings together an array of vast (technical/hands on) experiences. These experiences singularly presented adventurous journeys and accolades for his career.   Yet, when combined, a sure recipe for success!



With his experience in the movie industry in Belgium and the Middle East, then leading an adventure Tourism Company in the Middle East followed by moving to Costa Rica where he worked on a few personal projects. This includes, starting a bakery, building and operating a rental vacation home, designing concepts for some local businesses, and building a house for himself from all the waste and leftover material that construction sites in the village 'produced'.



It is this last project that opened the gateway and presented a live example that became the base for FlamingRabbit.



He gleamingly explains: “Building a house from 'waste and scrap' made me realize that a project like this demands several skills and knowledge as it also rewards one with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.”


“It combined most of my interests which has led me to believe that these are the kind of projects that FlamingRabbit should be doing: creating something out of ‘nothing’…”




Some just shift the problem and others make good use of their waste.



We could go on and on discussing and shifting the blame. That will never make the problems disappear. The world has reached a stage, that even if we pull all our resources together it will take a long time to reverse the effects of this long and necessary step.



Nevertheless, this is not why we are here! FlamingRabbit stands for the attitude: Anything is possible; when there is a will there is a way!


We refuse to get political! That is not what we do best!



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